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User Experience


Now a day’s customers are very smart, confident, time starving and want their needs delivered in an instant. Whether at a desk, in a bank queue. People use internet for various reasons for example: be that to shop, find answers via search engines, check in with friends or to book flights.

User experience is defined as a person’s observations and reaction that result from the use of products, systems, and services. Users’ emotions, beliefs preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological response, behaviors and accomplishments that occur before, during and after use are the part of user experience.


A critical part of the experience is a simplification, with which they can search, find, access, review or buy your products and services.  If you want attractive business then convert that interest into profits, user experience (UX) is critical to their success and in many cases survival.


When it moves toward the development and execution of modern digital marketing strategies, UX can often get forgotten as 96% of mobile customers experienced when they come across websites that were not optimized for their device.


Influences on user experience


There are many factors that can influence a user’s experience with a system. There are various factors that explain user’s experience. Here are some factors that influence the user’s experience.







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