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What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is one of the important phases of digital marketing. In other words, we can say that it is a kind of service provided by Google. It helps you to recognize that what is the address of your visitors which are visiting your website. In simple words, we can say that Google Analytics is used to track the address of the viewer who visited your website. Google analytics is the most broadly used web analytics service on the internet.


Versions of Google Analytics

Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

By using these we can collect data from IOS and Android Apps.


                            Meaning                   Procedure                  Advantages
Google Analytics is the method to improve your website visibility on search engine similar to Google
for aimed inquiries.
The course of Google Analytics is the group of 9 steps. Very fewer authorities keeps the main purpose of the Training purpose in their mind. With the help of Google Analytics increase the visibility of your website. It will help to increase the traffic.


After learning Google analytics you will be able to setup your goals, matrix, conversations and segments to fetch important data. You will be able to analyze different reports like sources, traffic etc.

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